Betty The BSC is a Fun Token. $BETTY MemeCoin is created by its dev just to gain tax fees and spent them back to the Betty The BSC Project improvements.

All will be transparent and genuinely made. Investors will see this in the progress of $BETTY.

Non Automated Liquidity Acquisition

Betty The BSC's Liquidity will be increased manually after collecting the fees

2% of the trading amount will be used for adding Liquidity.


Fair Launch

60% of the $BETTY token has been added to the PancakeSwap Liquidity pool. For Liquidity Will be Locked.

Rug Free

Trust the Dev

* The Liquidity Will be Locked.

* The smart contract's ownership will be renounced.

* The smart contract will be audited by TBA.


Q4 2023

Decide the Concept

Learn about Blockchain Deeply

Social Profiles Launch

Build Community

Q1 2024

Fair Launch

Lock Liquidity Pool & Renounce Ownership

Deal With Listings. such as Coinmarketcap & Coingecko Listing

Whitepaper Launch

New Website Launch

Marketing Campaigns

New Pictures & NFTs Design for Betty The BSC

Community Suggestions to Improve Project

Q1 2024

$BETTY Meme Contests Launch

Weekly BETTY Events & NFT Newsletter

NFT Drop

Community Suggestions to Improve Project

Q2 2024

GameFi: $BETTY Lucky Draw

Marketing Campaigns

$BETTY Challenges

Community Suggestions to Improve Project

Q2 2024

List on CEX

Betty The BSC DAO

Seasonal Meme Events (Halloween & Chirstmas)

Community Suggestions to Improve Project


  • PancakeSwap
  • BSC


How To Buy?
  • Get some $BNB on your wallet(metamask, trust wallet, coinbase, etc.)
  • Go to PancakeSwap, import $BETTY token.  
  • contract address: TBA

  • Set slippage to 12%~15%
  • Swap and chill
  • Buy Tax is 6% - 6% of Sell Tax amount will be spent for back to the Project (Marketing, Advisor Service Fees, Listings, Promotions etc.)
  • All the Payments will be shared transparently with the community
  • As a Dev I promise No. The smart contract's ownership will be renounced, and Liquidity will be locked
  • It will be.

  • Contests